Devices up to 20kV
Mine Equipment
Transformer substation
Equipment up to 1kV
Equipment over 1kV

High-voltage equipment Vilkom-Electro

The manufacturing enterprise manufactures and supplies electrical products for enterprises in Ukraine and Russia.
We make a complex of electrical work.
Technical specifications for the products have been agreed with the Department of Electric Power Industry of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine.
Complete transformer substations of one and two transformer types: КТПм, КТПс, КТПн, КТПгс, КТПБ (from a professional sheet and sandwich panels), КТПВ;
Oil transformers: TM, TMG, TMA, TMZ
Chambers КСО-393 and КСО 394, КСО 366, 386, 396, 399;

Cameras KSO 393M with ZWAE switch disconnector;
Chambers KV-2003 and KV 2003M with a vacuum switch BB TEL;
Chambers KSO 298 of the KSO 200 series (201, 203, 204, 272, 285, 292, 298, 299)
with a vacuum switch BB TEL, VBP, BP1, Evolis, Siemens 3AH5
Cameras KV 205 (K 104, K 59, K 63) – with withdrawable element BB-TEL, Evolis YaKNO-type switchgear with vacuum switch BB TV, VBP, VBE, BP1 and Rollarc contactor
Point of commercial accounting of electricity PKUe – 10 (6) kV

Devices condenser high-voltage UK 10 (UKRM)
Low-voltage complete devices:
SCHO – 70, SCHO 90 panels
Panels SCHO 90M cabinet execution;
ShchO panels of the UVRN type for current up to 2500A;
MCC capacitors – 0.4kV
AVR devices
VRU, PR, I 5000, YaUR, NRP, YATP
Device of protective shutdown relay PZR
Products are certified in Ukraine and Russia.

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