Pole-top package transformer substations KTPM 25…250/10(6)/0.4U1 (У1)

Application and designated area

Pole-top package transformer substations (hereinafter – PPTS KTPM) are intended to receive three-phase alternating current with HV of 6-10 kV, transform it and distribute over three-phase four-cable network with a grounded neutral at voltage of 0.4 kV. The substations are applied to power agricultural consumers in towns and small industrial objects.
Pole-top transformer substations are presented in the figure. Pole-top transformer substations comply with TU specifications U 31.2-32236309-004.


ktpm 25-2

Structure of reference designation

PPTS KTPM — ХХХ / 10 (6) / 0.4 — U1, version 1-6*;
pole-top package transformer substation.
XXX — number which determines power of substation in kVA;
10, (6) — rated voltage on high voltage side (HV-10;6 kV);
0.4 — rated voltage on lower voltage side (LV-0.4 kV);
U1 — climatic and position category complies with GOST 15150-69;
* PTS hardware version is chosen from the table (p. 76).


ktpm 25-3


Pole-top transformer substation consists of a cabinet of a high voltage device and a LVSG cabinet 0.4 kV in a single casing.
Transformer substation is installed on construction metal foundation legs of height up to 1.8 m above the ground (see figure).
Line breaker QS1 of LVLB type is installed on the end leg OL 10(6) kV.
You can buy transformer substations from us at factory prices.

Schematic circuit diagram

Power transformer on scheme 1 is connected to 10 kV line by means of breaker and fuses. Low voltage side 0.4 kV of a transformer substation with a grounded low voltage transformer winding is connected to power lines and street lighting lines. Circuits of 0.4 kV lines are equipped with automatic breakers BA 51-35, ВА 59-35 or similar ones with surge and short-circuit protection systems. Typical hardware versions are provided with protection of outgoing lines by means of fuses of PN-2 (PPN). Typical hardware versions with network protection device ZTI-0.4 which are intended to protect lines from one-phase closure of neutral conductor, interphase closures and phase grounding closure. Account of power is performed by means of a three-phase counter switched via current transformers. Street lighting line is equipped with starters controlled by photoelectric relays.

*By Customer’s option, automatic breakers are installed
** FV4—FV6 — in case of air inlet

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