Package transformer substations for urban networks KTPGS 160…1000/10(6)/0.4 U1 (У1)

ktpgc 160-1


Application and designated areas

Package transformer substations for urban networks (KTPGS) are intended to receive three-phase alternating current with HV of 6-10 kV, perform its transformation and distribution over three-phase four-cable network with a grounded neutral at voltage of 0.4 kV. The substations are applied to power supply consumers in urban electric networks.

Package transformer substations for urban networks KTPGS is defined by the table below.
KTPGS is delivered in a metal casing with configuration in the figure, (2KTPGS in two casings) with mounted power transformers, cabinets on HV side and DM side, street lighting cabinet, account unit (counters unit) and replace substations assembled on-site from separate KSO cabinets, EP 90 panels and other products.
HVLG are equipped with two load breakers of VNA (VNR) type with hand actuator, one breaker RVZ (for substations with transformer of power 250, 400 and 630 kVA, three load breakers are installed).
LV cabinets are equipped with switches and have power counting system.
In case of two installed substations, a separate casing is installed. It is represented in the figure and has two KSO 393 cabinets and scheme and is manufactured according to TU U specifications.
If you want to order substations, please fill in the data sheet.

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Structure of reference designation

KTPGS — ХХХ / 10 (6) / 0,4 — У1;
KTPGS — letter designation (package transformer substations for urban networks);
XXX — number which defines substation power, kVA;
10, (6) — rated HV side voltage (HV-10, 6 kV);
0.4 — rated LV side voltage (LV-0.4 kV);
У1 — climatic and location category (U1) complies with GOST 15150-69.

Hardware variants

ktpgc 160-3

ktpgc 160-4

ktpgc 160-5

ktpgc 160-6

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