Lead-in and accounting assembled switchgear cabinets KSO 298 of series 200

KSO 298 switchgear cabinets of series 200, lead-in and accounting switchgear cabinets are intended for power supply of consumers with alternating current of voltage 10 kV. KSO 298 switchgear cabinets are provided for current and voltage transformers. This implies the following competitive advantages in comparison to units of other manufacturers:
⦁ Compactness of КСО 298 switchgear cabinets is achieved by installation of current and voltage transformers in it, one switchgear cabinet instead of two switchgear cabinets in installed in a 10 kV switchgear SG;
⦁ Flexibility due to possible installation of BB TEL, VPB, Evolis, Siemens 3AH5 vacuum breakers by Customer’s option;
⦁ Cost due to application of one metal construction for an engineering solution instead of two (a switchgear cabinet with current transformers and a switchgear cabinet with voltage transformers);
⦁ High reliability guaranteed by manufacturer by means of microprocessor protection;

Configuration of one-line scheme of КSO 298 switchgear cabinets is shown in the figure:

Fig. 1. One-line scheme



kco 298-2

Fig. 2. Lead-in and accounting KSO 298 switchgear cabinet with a BB TEL breaker

kco 298-3
Fig. 3. Lead-in and accounting KSO 298 switchgear cabinets with a VBP breaker

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