Application and designated area
Single-end service assembled switchgear cabinets of KSO 393 VE-20 U3

series with vacuum and SF-6 breakers are intended to package switchgears of transformer substations and other switching gears of industrial application with alternating current of 20 kV.

Structure of a switchgear cabinet reference designation

KSO 393 VE-20 U3
1 2 3 4 5 6
1. Single-end service assembled switchgear cabinets
2. Series
3.  With a vacuum breaker
4. With an SF-6 breaker (or two)
5. Voltage 20 kV of alternating current 50Hz
6. U3 version complying with GOST 15150-69
KSO 393 VE 20 switchgear cabinets imply installation of vacuum breakers ВВ/ТЕL-20-16/630 ISM 25_LD1 and SF-6 breakers LBS KIT manufactured by SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC
Switchgears comply with GOST 14693 and TU specifications 32236309-002 and have a certificate of conformance  POCC.RU.0001.11AВ52.

A net of single-line schemes is shown in figure 1 «main circuit schemes».
Case of a switchgear cabinets is a metal construction made of a galvanized sheet over 2mm thick assembled with help of metal joist webs. It is provided with all scheme hardware of main and auxiliary circuits inside. Inner space of KSO 393 VE switchgear cabinets is structurally divided into the following functional compartments: busbar compartment, compartment of a (pull-out) monobloс unit, compartment of connections (cable compartment), relay compartment. General view of inlet switchgear cabinets and outlet lines is shown in the figure.

kco 393ve-20-1

All connections to be grounded inside a switchgear cabinet, doors of relay compartment and assembled bridge compartment which can be touched during operation and may be voltage-carrying are grounded.
Hardware version:
• cable inlet; • voltage transformer;
• transformer line; • cable assembly;
• cable line; • auxiliaries transformer;
• bus section breaker or interrupter; • busbar bridge

kco 393ve-20-2
In a two-row installation, switchgear cabinets are packaged with busbar bridges.
Schemes of secondary connections are based on typical works of research institutes «Energosetproekt» («Энергосетьпроект»), «Selenergoproekt» («Сельэнергопрект»), Tyazhmashelektroproekt («Тяжпромэлектропроект»).
Schemes of auxiliary circuits of KSO 393 VE switchgear cabinets with BB TEL breaker are packaged with a control unit CU/TEL (CU/ТЕЛ)-12A or CU/TEL-21.
Relay protection and automatics of KSO connections can be implemented practically with any protection and automatics microprocessor devices.
Operational safety of KSO is ensured by structural solutions, simplicity and visualization as well by a system of operation blockings.
Actuators of load breakers, interrupters, grounding breakers of control units are located on the facade side of the switchgear cabinet. Switchgear cabinet facade is equipped with voltage contact sensors, built-in voltage sensors in base insulators enable phasing without doors opening.
System of blockings prevents wrong personnel actions in case of blocking of operation switches. The following blockings are provided for KSO:
– blocking that prevents switch-on or circuit breaking when primary circuit breaker (mechanical) is switched on
– blocking between a breaker and grounding blades that prevents breaker switch-on when grounding blades are switched on;
The following additional blockings are provided in a switchgear cabinet:
– Inlet lead-in inhibit when grounding assembled buses of a corresponding section (electrical)
– Section breaker activation inhibit (including with ATS (automatic transfer switch)) when grounding assembled buses of any section (electrical)
– Inhibit of assembled bus grounder activation when inlet and section breakers are switched on (electrical)
Switchgear cabinets are delivered apiece or in units according to the main circuit scheme.
Delivery package includes:
– KSO switchgear cabinets with apparatuses and equipment of main and auxiliary circuits according to the data sheet (order)
– Accompanying documents
– Spare parts and accessories according to the order specification
The manufacturer guarantees that KSO 393 VE switchgear cabinets comply with TU specifications if transporting, storage and operation requirements are met.
Warranty period of KSO switchgear cabinets (operation and storage) is 3 years from the delivery day if transporting, storage and mounting requirements are met. Accessories and relay protection warranties are according to instructions of manufacturing plants.
kco 393ve-20-3
Fig.1 Main circuit schemes

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