Package switchgears (PSG) of KV 205 series

                      Application and designated areas

Package switchgears of series KV 205 are intended for operation in three-phase alternating current networks of 6 and 10 kV and industrial frequency 50 Hz for systems with an isolated neutral conductor.
Package switchgears are installed in premises and housing facilities with natural ventilation with no artificial microclimate control.
They are applied in SG of auxiliaries power stations, substations of industrial objects and in housing facilities. Analysis of fill factor of PSG allows one to conclude that one way to reduce dimensions consists in reduction of void volumes, i.e. denser packing of compartments. This was achieved in KV 205.

PSG volume fill factors



• PSG casing of KV 205 series is a set of separate modules with a rigid steel construction. Modern safety and reliability requirements were taken into account, so commutation and metering devices were built in compartments of grounding and blocking devices, current-conducting parts and contacts. Rated operational parameters, construction and a net of schemes allow one to take optimal decisions according to Customer’s requirements.
• A feature of PSG of KV 205 series consists in position of PSG assembled buses in the upper cabinet part, as well as provision of two-side service to significantly increase operation characteristics of the device.
• Division of a PSG device into modular compartments with insulation baffles provides localization of a possible emergency. Module casings do not cause energy dissipation for eddy currents and are corrosion resistant.
• PSG of KV 205 series are intended for application of all types of high-voltage breakers: vacuum, oil breakers can be applied to package SG designated for KRUs of other manufacturers.
• U1 (У1) — climatic category according to GOST 15150-69.


kru kv205-4
kru kv205-5
kru kv205-6
kru kv205-7
kru kv205-8
kru kv205-9
kru kv205-10
Cabinet position drawing with specified facade number, series of existing cabinets and dimensions in a single- and two-row installation, availability of electric arc arresters and hanging relay cabinets.
Sample cabinet position
kru kv205-11

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