Block transformer substations in a concrete case

BKTP – block complete transformer substation of outdoor installation with voltage of 6 (10) /0.4 kV, with power from 25 kVA to 1600 kVA, is used in networks with insulated neutral on the 6 (10) kV side and deaf-grounded neutral on the 0.4 kV side power supply of industrial, housing and communal services, infrastructure facilities, as well as cottage settlements and individual development zones. The equipment is certified in the GOST R system, and has the certificate ROSS AI18. А29550 BKTP (complete transformer substations) are a concrete building with electrical equipment installed in it. The KTPNB case of the block transformer substation consists of:

above-ground volumetric concrete block (hereinafter referred to as above-ground volumetric block), the overall dimensions of which (D * Sh * V) are 5250 * 2250 * 2500mm;
basement concrete volume block (hereinafter referred to as basement volume block), the overall dimensions of which (L * W * H) 5250 * 2250 * 1400mm.

One and two block transformer substations of BKTP are made two types:

Feed and outgoing lines are made by cable. Cable entry is carried out from the ground through the basement surround unit. If it is necessary to connect KTPNB to an overhead line (VL), a cable insert with an outlet to the VL support is used.

The case of BKTP block transformer substation is made of high strength reinforced concrete. Compression concrete class – VZO (400 kgf / cm2). Brand of concrete on frost resistance – F150. BKTP provides natural forced-air ventilation, which is carried out through ventilation openings equipped with safety shutters according to GOST R 51110. The customer determines the need to close the shutters with shutters when placing an order.

Doors and sash doors BKTP open at an angle of at least 150 ° and have a fixation in the extreme positions. Above the gates and doors there are drainage canopies. Doors, blinds and locks have anti-vandal performance.

The basement volumetric block (hereinafter block) is a monolithic reinforced concrete structure of rectangular shape, mounted on a base plate. The waterproofing of the surface of the block is carried out at the factory by the manufacturer by applying protective paint V-EP-012 (TU 2312-083-05034239-95) or its analogues. The walls of the block are provided with openings with a thin-walled partition for the input and output of cables. For the input and output of cables in the punched holes are installed asbestos-cement pipes with a length of 1.5 m., Through which cables are laid. After laying the cables, the holes are sealed with cement mortar and covered with a waterproofing compound.

The main functional characteristics of the system:

The distribution of energy on the side of the higher voltage is carried out on the basis of medium voltage switchgear
In gas-insulated insulation series RM 6 manufactured by “SchniderElectric” FBX-C manufactured by Areva;
With vacuum switches BB TEL on the basis of cameras KCO 204;
With ZWAE switch disconnectors based on KSO 393M cameras;
Transformer protection is carried out on the protection relay VIP (Sepam), Sirius, Orion, Pace, UZA
Automatic commissioning (ATS) on the low voltage side performed on withdrawable circuit breakers;
The possibility of arranging a telemetry system (TI) and telecontrol (TU), for use in complex automated process control systems;

PART OF THE EQUIPMENT. BKTP (block transformer substation) are completed with the following equipment:

Cable jumpers and protective equipment (upon request).

All cabinets unilateral service.

Electro Group guarantees high quality production of complete transformer substations. We provide consumers with a wide range of modular package transformer substations at affordable prices. You can order and buy BKTP in Belgorod, Moscow. For consultation, please contact us by phone: 7 (495) 620-09-01, 620-09-02 (Moscow), 8 (4722) 32-58-40, 32-26-98 (Belgorod).

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