Switchgear cameras. Chambers of the KSO 285, 272 series

Purpose and scope

The cameras are made on the basis of welded structures. The nominal values of the working parameters, the design and the grid of the circuits make it possible to carry out optimal solutions in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
When developing the KSO camera, promising technical solutions were used, the working life was increased, the labor costs for maintenance were reduced due to the use of vacuum switches.
CSR cameras are presented in the figure.

To order cameras KSO, please send the appropriate questionnaire.

kco 285,272-1

Execution options

Camera construction

Safety in operation

high reliability due to the use of standardized components and standardized devices;
Chambers passed type tests according to GOST 14694 and GOST 1516.1;
all switching operations are carried out with the outer door closed;
spacious cable compartment;
functional locks.

Switching devices

Relay Protection

At the request of the customer, KSO cameras can be supplied with static relays or with automatic protection and control protection devices on microprocessor devices. The use of microprocessor devices makes it possible to more reliably protect primary equipment, qualitatively improve protection performance, increase the information content of devices in normal and emergency modes of operation, and reduce operating costs for maintenance of relay protection devices. The use of these devices allows you to reduce the size of the premises for the control panels and protection, the operational control panel, as well as for station-wide devices
(battery installation, alarm panel, etc.).

Overall dimensions and appearance

kco 285,272-2

kco 285,272-3

kco 285,272-4

kco 285,272-5

kco 285,272-6


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