Switchgear cabinets. Switchgear cabinets of KSO (КСО) 393, 394 series

Application and designated area

Ready-to-use single-end service assembled switchgear cabinets KSO 393 (394) of air isolation in a metal casing with installed commutation units for nominal pressure of 6 and 10 kV.
They are intended for operation in three-phase alternating current switchgears with 50 Hz frequency and an insulated or grounded neutral.
In case of a two-row installation KSO 393, 394 switchgear cabinets are packages with bus bridges with or without breakers.
Distances between facades of switchgear cabinets are 2000, 2500, 3000 and 3500 mm. Actuators of breaking bus bridges are mounted on a face panel.
Dimensions of KSO 393, 394 switchgear cabinets are shown in the figure.
Principle primary connections schemes of KSO 394 (393) switchgear cabinets are shown in the table.

The schematic diagrams of the primary connections of the elements of the distribution devices of the KSO cameras are given in the table.

kco 393,394-1


Hardware versions

• cable inlet;
• cable assembly;
• bus inlet;
• auxiliaries transformer;
• transformer line;
• bus bridge;
• cable line;
• auxiliaries cabinet;
• bus section breaker;
• voltage transformer;
• bus section interrupter;
• and other optional versions.

kco 393,394-2

kco 393,394-3

A – sections are mounted in a row in two premises.
(buses pass through a wall between SG-10(6) kV sections)

Principle schemes of KSO cabinets primary connections

kco 393,394-4

kco 393,394-7

kco 393,394-8

– Bus bridge breakers actuators can be mounted on bus bridge face panels.
– Face panel is intended to close edge cabinet face
-An independent baffle is intended to prevent access to assembled buses during cable operations
– Bus bridges BB and BB cannot be mounted on KSO 393-14P (L), KSO 393-16.

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