High Voltage UK 10 (UKRM)

Devices condenser high-voltage UK 10 (UKRM)

Installations condenser UK 10 are designed to increase the power factor of electrical installations of industrial enterprises and distribution networks of 6 * 10 kV with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Installations are intended for operation in the enclosed space in the following conditions:

• temperature range from minus 40 ° to plus 40 ° С;
• relative air humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 20 ° С;
• height above sea level no more than 1000 m;
• the environment is not explosive, does not contain conductive dust, corrosive gases and vapors in concentrations that destroy metals and insulation.

1. Installation condenser;
2. Placement of the input cell (L on the left, P on the right);
3. Option (56 with disconnector, 57 without disconnector);
4. Nominal voltage in kilovolts;
5. Rated power in kVar;
6. Climatic modification and category of placement in accordance with GOST15150-69 and GOST15543-70.

They are completed with capacitors KEK1-6.3-150-2U1, KEK1-10,5-150-2U1 and (or) KEK2-6.3-300-2U1, KEK2-10.5-300-2U1. Capacitors are impregnated with an environmentally friendly dielectric fluid, equipped with internal discharge resistors. Depending on the location of the input cell and the presence of the disconnector, the installations have the following modifications: CC — single-cabinet, UKL — input cell on the left, UKP — input cell on the right, 56 with a disconnector, 57 without a disconnector. Type of climate performance – U3. Degree of protection – IP21. If there is a requirement in the order of the installation can be provided with protection against prolonged current overloads in excess of 1.3 nominal.




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