Kharkiv is considered a traditional supplier of industrial equipment for the mining enterprises of Donbass. Along with such giants of mining engineering as the “Light of the Miner” or the plant them. Malysheva, there are many other firms here, one way or another connected with the coal industry. “Vilkom-Electro” also makes its feasible contribution to strengthening the energy security of the country, providing underground production with waterproof equipment designed for operating voltages over 1 kV with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Support for energy and mechanical service

Attention of consumers is proposed a typical electrical equipment for the mine – a KRURN-6 cabinet (complete switchgear miner-normal at 6 kV). Its function is to:

  1. Receiving and distributing energy over a network of electrical facilities in the subsoil with an isolated neutral.
  2. Remote contact control and protection against a sudden loss of control in the event of a wire or a short circuit.
  3. Signaling regarding switch position, leakage response, overload protection and short-circuit currents.
  4. Lock d / y and local control, as well as prevent the triggered breaker mechanism from tripping again.
  5. Termination of power to the outgoing interconnection with a leak to the ground below 360 kΩ and to the outgoing interconnection with a short circuit.
  6. Monitoring of current and voltage values ​​with monitoring of the state of general-purpose protective equipment and protection against 1-phase earth faults.
  7. Protect electrical installations from self-switching in the event of a surge voltage, overload, short-circuit currents and 1-phase earth faults.
  8. Protection of asynchronous electric machines with a squirrel cage rotor with prolonged starts.
  9. Providing a level of sufficient voltage without exposure or at intervals of up to 4 seconds.
  10. Signaling regarding the response of the earth fault protection.
  11. Frequent local on-off (including for repair or inspection).
  12. Sustainable connectivity with add-on automation.
  13. Once AR and AVR at 2- and 3-section substations.

“Mine-normal” versions are made for non-hazardous for dust and gas underground workings. This equipment for mines </ strong> was approved by the Makeevka Research Institute for the Safety of Works in the Mining Industry.

Universal series

In addition to mines, this cabinet can be used in surface industrial and agro-industrial enterprises. Its capabilities allow for the assembly of a single or group switchgear. In order to connect the elements of the electrical equipment scheme, the VVPL vacuum switch and the VEV-6B-16/630 switch are used variably here.

KRURN-6 cabinets – Ukraine, which needs further technological improvement, equipment for mines </ strong> has the most difficult underground workings in the CIS and Europe with the most difficult mining equipment operating conditions). But this is a matter for the future, but for now the product is allowed to operate in a vertical position with atmospheric t -10– + 35 ° С in a moisture-free environment of up to 98%, in a relatively safe place from water penetration.

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