Low Voltage Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchgear (RUNN) is used to connect consumers to the substation. It is a cabinet consisting of switchboard panels containing built-in protective, measuring, switching equipment and control equipment with a weight not exceeding 150 kg and a service life of an average of 25 years.

It is a KTP unit and can be used as an autonomous element in the construction of mast transformer substations for receiving, power supply and metering 3-phase current with a low-grounded neutral frequency of 50 Hz up to 0.4 kV. Provides protection from:

  1. Network overload and interfacial short circuit on the taps (circuit breakers).
  2. Single-phase short-circuit (current relay).
  3. Atmospheric overvoltage (low-voltage arresters).

Switchgears </ strong> of the specified type are operated under the following conditions:

  1. Environmental temperature range -40 – + 40 ° С.
  2. Atmosphere without the presence of conductive dust, corrosive fumes and gases in excess of the percentage.
  3. The zone of use is explosion, fire and seismic safe.

An indispensable device when creating electrical circuits

Input switchgear (ASU) – constructive electrical devices for receiving and switching energy flow. Mounted in the premises of civil engineering, as well as industrial facilities for their power. They contain the corresponding devices on the chain outlets (electric automatic machines, consumption meters) and, if necessary, perform the function of automatic shutdown.

Input-switchgear is designed for alternating current of 380 or 220V and load:

I LIE for “social”

Introductory panels for housing and offices assume the system to work in benign conditions. Performed in different versions. In some versions, taps are supplied with automatic devices, or control of lighting devices on the stairs and in the corridors is provided for; may have panels with accounting departments. Finally, the panels are equipped with bags, magnetic starters and intermediate relays.

I LIE for production

The specificity of their operation is the increased expenditure of electricity. They have electroautomatic devices, fusible inserts, knife switches, as well as other design features. Installed in areas called shield. In addition to panel-type equipment, block type is also available.

Benefits of working with us

The preservation of the electrical engineering economy, the safety of life and the health of people depends on the choice and use of a quality product as a whole. Our organization is ready to offer you a modern and effective distribution device. Price depends on it:

The company Vilkom-Electro optimizes a set of cost criteria to acceptable limits, creating the most favored mode for the client. It has a wide market coverage – we cover the South, Center, East of Ukraine with our presence and have access to the Russian consumer. In the catalogs Vilkom-Electro in the rich nomenclature presented product samples from leading manufacturers of the electrical industry. Therefore, we are able to fulfill a commercial order of any complexity.

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