Purpose of distribution devices

The purpose of the distributing devices of the VRU consists in protection against overloads and short circuits in the distribution and group circuits. Also, introductory switchgears lying </ strong> perform the function </ strong> of metering and distributing electricity networks with a three-phase voltage of 220/380 V. These devices are used in many industrial and public buildings or structures. These include apartment buildings, office buildings, warehouses, commercial premises and other buildings.

Why is it worth buying VRU in our online store?

In our online store you can purchase switchgears that fully comply with the technical specifications of TU 3434-004-45464323-2005, as well as the requirements of GOST R 51732 and GOST R 51321.1. Our online store supplies low voltage switchgear </ strong> throughout Russia with proven transport companies. Having our own warehouses allows selling VRU at wholesale prices from manufacturers. Also, our specialists carry out the assembly of input-distributing devices taking into account the wishes of the customer and technological requirements. We comply with all the features of a previously prepared project for their installation.

Types of distribution devices

The peculiarity of switchboard equipment I LIE 1, 11, 10 is the presence of a single metal base. Some of these models are equipped with a panel for one-sided maintenance, which is separate from the main devices. This panel is closed by an individual door with a lock and has a special place for sealing. The compartment is designed to accommodate various metering devices, for example, meters or transformers. Also in this compartment may be automatic lighting control and devices that carry out non-automatic adjustment of the lighting.

Multi-panel introductory switchgear, for example, multi-panel cabinet ASU-21, is used to account for, protect and distribute electricity to electrical circuits. It is used to ensure the stable operation of electrical receivers that fall into categories 1, 2, 3. These cabinets are usually used at water pumping stations, oil and gas pumping stations, as well as at a number of other industrial facilities. To place them in the network must be a grounded neutral. For such a cabinet area should be about 0.5 square meters. The multi-panel cabinet is distinguished by a high degree of security of the attendants and a service life of more than 25 years.

Any switchgear includes fully ready for installation cabinets and connecting elements. This explains the high demand for these switchgears at energy, industrial and residential construction sites. Thanks to the use of switchgear and control gear, the time for construction and assembly works is reduced In addition, these devices can significantly reduce the cost of construction.

Switchgear can be installed outside or inside buildings. These devices may have different climatic versions and designs, for example, roll-out and stationary type. In the first case, the switching device is installed on the trolley. In another embodiment, it is located motionless in the closet.

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