Now many sites require high-quality high-voltage switchgear. It is important to purchase equipment over 1000 V with the help of a proven company. We are able to guarantee the excellent quality of all equipment, modern service and a set of other advantages. In the assortment, you can find prefabricated cameras, metering stations for electricity, automatic partitioning points, switchgear cameras, etc. Quality one-way service camera </ strong> </ strong> and other equipment can be purchased at reasonable prices, having received a long warranty.

Features of modern equipment above 1000 V

The equipment of switchgears of such a format must be as reliable and durable as possible in order to eliminate the occurrence of failures in the operation of a specific object. It is necessary to choose equipment carefully, taking into account the duration of work with rated current, the possibility of raising the voltage level, short-term overloads and other nuances. During the installation of thermal equilibrium, live parts in standard mode should not be heated according to the relevant standards. This should also be taken into account when choosing equipment specifications.

An important characteristic of devices of this type is thermal stability. For example, recloser should be as reliable and stable as possible. Thermal stability makes it possible to exclude damage to equipment with a possible increase in the level of currents, which is why the temperature rises in the elements of the apparatus. Short-term temperature increases for certain types of equipment are limited. Therefore, control of proper operation is required. An important factor is the dynamic stability with respect to short-circuit currents. High-quality equipment necessarily withstand dynamic forces due to the passage of current.

High-quality one-way service prefabricated cameras are equipment designed to receive, distribute electrical energy with three phases. They are used in the expansion, construction and re-equipment of some objects:

An important nuance is proper operation. Equipment that is designed for use in a closed switchgear cannot be used in an open installation without special measures.

Buy high-quality switchgear high voltage in Ukraine

Such equipment is required at many large sites. Therefore, it is important to purchase it in a safe place. Our company guarantees a decent range and always high quality. You can purchase high-voltage capacitors , prefabricated cameras of different types and other types of related equipment. Buying in a proven place has many advantages, among which there is professional advice, modern service in maintenance and adequate prices. You can pre-examine the range, get acquainted with the key technical characteristics of specific equipment. There are all conditions for making a convenient order.

YAKNO cell

Application and designated area YAKNO cells of outdoor installation are intended to receive and distribute electrical energy of three-phase alternating current with voltage of 6 and 10 kV and industrial.

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