Vilkom-Electro: a reliable business partner and supplier of quality products

It is not a secret for a long time that in the company “Vilkom-Electro” it is possible to acquire transformer substations with a significant advantage. Ukraine </ strong>, especially its center and east, is the main market for electrical products of this Kharkov supplier.

Our advantages:

The demanded position of the commodity nomenclature is traditionally transformer substations, which at all times were in price.

Transformer Substations KTPN

Special attention should be paid to outdoor complete transformer substation </ strong> (КТПН). This is a very convenient, almost universal sample of equipment, supplied in a metal case-kiosk and designed for 1-3 independent tap, which can be air or cable. This transformer substation </ strong> is equally well served in the village and megalopolis, in the conditions of a building site and a forest-park zone. It serves to reduce the three-phase current with a frequency of 50Hz and a voltage of 6000-10000 V to a value of 380 V and supply it to the consumer via a 4-wire line with a grounded neutral. In accordance with the capacity of the transformer is available in 4 versions: 160, 250, 400, 630 kVA.

Other substation types

Other common categories of substations that Wilcom-Electro has are considered to be mast (KTPM) and pillar (KTPS). It is an indispensable power equipment for rural and poorly populated areas designed to power the civilian population and small industrial facilities. As a rule, it has less power, has a simpler device and therefore costs less. Such a system uninterruptedly serves at least 15 years.

KTPGS – a complex transformer substation of urban networks is the best suited for the needs of large settlements. This is a multifunctional sectional module of electrical equipment for the power supply of residents, street lighting, electricity metering, etc.

A relatively powerful KTPV for purely internal functioning (in non-heated chambers) is proposed for the power supply of enterprises. Available in 1- and 2-transformer versions with high-voltage and low-voltage cabinets; voltage reduction from 6000 and 10000 V to 380 and 220 V.


Thus, the company sells several types of items of goods, except for “ mobile complete transformer substation </ strong>” of the type PKTP (with a transport stand – sled). However, there is a mobile and explosion-proof version of KTPV, designed for mining enterprises (equipped with both sled and wheel sets mounted on them for mine trolleys). As for other known types of mobile substations – TSVP and TSSVV, they are currently out of production.

Contact the company in a convenient way for the products you need – we will definitely agree!

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